As a provider of leverage and banking services for financial institutions across the country, Texas Capital Bank offers an experienced team of rediscount bankers with a level of expertise and customer service that is unmatched in the industry. We offer flexible, affordable revolving lines of credit to provide long-term capital to finance companies in a variety of industries including installment loan companies, automotive sales finance companies and investors in installment loans that are originated and serviced by select online digital platforms.

What Sets Us Apart

As a lender ourselves, we understand your need for responsive service, a deep knowledge of the industry and predictable access to capital. That’s why when you partner with our Lender Finance group, you don’t just get a bank; you get a team of bankers truly invested in your success and building a solid, long-term relationship. We know you need a responsive lender able to provide you with the capital you need and respectful of your time and resources; that’s why we empower our bankers to make quick decisions and be responsive to your requests. In addition, you get exclusive access to our deep network of industry experts, helping you make the connections you need to grow your business and be successful.

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David Fricke

Line of Business Manager | Dallas, TX 972.656.6699 972.656.6699

Stephanie Bowman

Senior Vice President | Baton Rouge, LA 225.295.9154 225.295.9154

Brad Fisher

Executive Vice President | Dallas, TX 972.656.6698 972.656.6698

Matt Hall

Executive Vice President | Dallas, TX 972.656.6697 972.656.6697

Steve Thomas

Executive Vice President | Dallas, TX 972.656.6696 972.656.6696

Eric Trainor

Executive Vice President | Baton Rouge, LA 225.295.9152 225.295.9152

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