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Commercial Card Solutions

Design a commercial card program tailored to support your company’s goals, whether working to better manage procurement and travel expenses, increase spend visibility or improve cash flow.  

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Improve visibility and control with a wallet-sized solution.

Our team of experienced commercial card consultants will help identify areas of your business that our versatile card solutions can best streamline and support. Then, we work with you to seamlessly integrate that solution into your current accounting systems.

    Purchasing Card

    Eliminate the need to process invoices with our secure purchasing card. Ideal for companies with high-volume, low-dollar purchases, the purchasing card is designed to strengthen adherence to expense policies among employees or establish card controls for merchant spending by category or amount.

    •      Reduce transaction and processing costs
    •      Streamline expense reporting
    •      Improve cost controls processes
    •      Gain visibility into expenses
    •      Access 24/7 customer service
    •      Includes contactless tap-and-go functionality
    •      Features secure EMV-chip technology
    •      Integrates into all digital wallets

    Travel & Entertainment Card

    Improve cost controls and visibility into expense data with the travel & entertainment card. This solution is ideal for companies that are looking to reduce transaction and processing costs, streamline expense reporting, and improve compliance with expense policies.

    •      Improve compliance with expense policies
    •      Reduce transaction and processing costs
    •      Streamline expense reporting processes
    •      Gain visibility into expenses
    •      Access 24/7 customer service
    •      Includes contactless tap-and-go functionality
    •      Features secure EMV-chip technology
    •      Integrates into all digital wallets


    Enable electronic payments through a virtual card number with our ePayables solution. Ideal for companies looking to reduce disbursing costs and eliminate the need for checks, this virtual card program can help automate current payment processes, increase float and boost working capital.

    •      Reduce disbursing costs
    •      Eliminate the need for checks
    •      Minimize fraud risks
    •      Access 24/7 customer service
    •      Improves float and working capital
    •      Easy integration into your ERP system

    Prepaid Card

    Distribute funds to employees, customers and partners through contactless, cost-effective, paperless programs with our suite of Prepaid Card solutions. Choose from the following card options:

    •      One-time payouts
    •      Reloadable cards
    •      Tip cards
    •      Payroll cards

    Small Business Card

    Provide a single use card to manage business expenses for such items as purchase, travel and entertainment, along with earning reward points towards travel, merchandise or cash back, for all your Small Business needs:

    •    A single card program for all expenses
    •    Smart, easy-to-manage spending control via online solution
    •    Offer company rewards or cash rebates
    •    Simplified, automated processes
    •    Intuitive mobile and web experience
    •    Supports single-use accounts for extra controls in the online tool
    •    Meets the needs of your middle market business customers
    •    Easy-to-use mobile receipt capture experience

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    Virtual Card

    Increase spending flexibility by leveraging your existing Texas Capital commercial card account to securely create virtual cards.

    •    Distribute virtual cards instantly.
    •    Create and send virtual cards to anyone, anywhere.
    •    Set dynamic controls and rules.
    •    Set spend limits, expiration dates, and auto-refill rules.
    •    Easily manage approvals.
    •    Approve, modify, or cancel virtual cards on the fly.
    •    Delegate a budget.
    •    Give employees a budget so they can issue virtual cards.

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    Commerical Card Servicing & Resources


      Card and Program Management

      Access our desktop and mobile application that will allow cardholders and program administrators to view transactions, print statements, and make changes to accounts. Our system even offers an expense management module that facilitates cost allocation, expense reporting, and receipt capture.

      To speak to a commercial card customer service representative, call 866-686-4896. We’re available 24/7.

      Access CentreSuite link here

      Cardholder Resources

      Before you begin using your card, review these documents for information about your card program and benefits.

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      Find a Commercial Card Program that Fits

      Our head of commercial card solutions shares insights on what to look for when shopping for the right commercial card for your business.

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      Payables Management

      Optimize payments through a suite of solutions.

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      Receivables Management

      Streamline receivables and maximize cash flow.

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      Fraud Protection

      Minimize your risks and the associated costs.

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