The more you can streamline the management of your receivables, the more you can maximize your cash flow by speeding up collections, reducing trips to the bank, and better managing return items and past-due receivables. Our receivables solutions are customizable so you can accommodate the payment preferences of your customers and vendors, getting access to your funds even faster. Our receivables management solutions include:

  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC): Using a check scanning device, you can safely and securely scan and deposit checks without leaving your office. A variety of user levels, approval limits and management review options protect your account from unwanted transactions. RDC can be used on Windows and Mac® OS operating systems in Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Google® ChromeTM.

  • Image Cash Letter (ICL): We can also accept and process check images and ICL files generated through in-house or third-party check scanning software, seamlessly and securely integrating your imaging system into your operating account and our online and mobile banking platform BankNow® Treasury Services.

  • Lockbox: Our wholesale platform processes and deposits your mail receipts while giving you the ability to review real-time images online to verify images of the check, invoice, envelope and other information sent with the payment. Our retail lockbox includes coupon scanning and OCR and MICR line reading, as well as the keying of additional lines of data needed for the daily transmission to the accounts receivable system. You can also scan checks remotely into your lockbox.

  • Cash Vault: We provide a secure facility for processing large volumes of cash and mixed deposits as well as the ability to order coins and currency, allowing you to streamline your operations to a single armored carrier, vault processor and bank. You can also have an in-house safe that allows you to deposit cash for daily deposit transactions, reducing the frequency and cost of courier transports.

  • Courier Service: Save time and reduce the risk of transporting cash or checks to the bank with our tailored courier service on a daily, less-than-daily or on-demand schedule.

  • Merchant Card Services: We offer merchant credit and debit card processing at the point of sale and online while also providing access to check guarantee and check conversion services.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debits: Our ACH network can be used to automate collections for both recurring and one-time payments, reducing the cost of collecting checks and cash from your customers. Debits can be initiated through our online BankNow® Treasury Services, via direct file send through a SFTP connection or uploaded through our TCBXChange® network.

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