Whether it’s internal, external, paper-based or electronic, no organization is immune to the threat of fraud. And fraud is no longer just an individual crime; it’s become a big business in and of itself, with large criminal organizations working just as hard to steal your money as you do to make it.

At Texas Capital Bank, we put the security of your account first. In addition to the wide variety of state-of-the-art internal fraud monitoring and protection systems used to safeguard your account, we offer a range of important tools to assist you in minimizing your risk of fraudulent checks or unauthorized transactions. Our tools allow you to check potential fraudulent activity online while customized alerts provide notice of potential fraud instantly. Our services include:

  • ACH Positive Pay: Our system compares attempted ACH debits to preauthorized profiles, allowing it to post if coming from a preauthorized company or allowing you to verify the debit if coming from an unauthorized source.

  • Check Positive Pay: We compare the checks presented for payment each day with a check issue file, reporting any exceptions for you to decide whether to pay or not.

  • Positive Pay Payee Verification: An added enhancement to Check Positive Pay, this allows you to reduce the risk of payee name alterations by comparing the payee name on the check with that on your check issue file, allowing you the option to pay or return the items.

  • ACH Blocks & Filters: Whether at implementation of a new account or for accounts already in place, we can systematically block all incoming ACH transactions or return any transactions that are not from preauthorized companies.

  • Check Debit Blocks: We can set up an account to reject any checks presented, ensuring that accounts intended only for electronic transactions reject forged checks.

  • Wire Transfer Email Notifications: We can send you email notifications for ongoing wire transfers, including information about the receiving party, to help you recognize and quickly recall any unauthorized transaction and stop fraudsters from making additional transactions.

  • Systematic Multiple Control: Our online banking platform BankNow® Treasury Services provides multiple-approval functionality for payment protection, requiring additional approval for outgoing payment transactions and administration functionality such as setting up new users and permissions.

  • Anti-Malware Software: Our online banking platform secures the communication between your web browser and our servers, blocking malicious attempts to steal your funds or private information.

  • Dedicated Fraud Protection and Security Team: Our dedicated fraud protection and security team is made up of former law enforcement and IT security professionals. Together, they are experienced in proactively identifying and acting on fraudulent occurrences as well as providing counsel and advice.

Fraud Protection Is Everyone’s Responsibility

While our tools are world-class, they only work if you diligently incorporate them into your processes while keeping your company’s computers and networks up to date. Security measures are constantly evolving, and keeping the latest versions of software and upgrades installed can make a significant difference in protecting your company from fraud. We encourage you to periodically review your security measures with your IT security specialists to ensure your company’s computers and networks have the latest security protections available. For more information, refer to our fraud protection checklist.

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