Business is all about relationships, whether your partner is the customer next door or a supplier halfway around the world. At Texas Capital Bank, we forge an advisory relationship with you to help you protect and grow your business relationships. Our Global Services group executes all types of trade transactions, including all letters of credit and documentary collections for our clients, giving your business everything it needs to manage risk and stimulate growth.

Export Trade Finance

When you require a quick infusion of capital to take advantage of an international opportunity, we offer short- and medium-term financing, while our pre-export working capital loans allow us to tailor flexible lending structures, such as loans based on accounts receivable, inventory and assets to help alleviate cash flow challenges and support global growth.

We are also an Ex-Im Bank Delegated Lender, providing you with flexible loan structures, attractive advance rates on accounts receivable and inventory, and even work-in-process financing to use otherwise excluded collateral for your borrowing needs.

Export Trade Services

Used by exporters around the world, we can provide Export Letters of Credit (Export LC) that give sellers an alternative to shipping on open account terms and foreign buyers an alternative to paying in advance. Our Global Services group also offers the expertise you need to understand and comply with an export LC’s terms and conditions. In addition, we can provide export documentary collections so you can receive payment for goods sold abroad.

Import Trade Finance

Texas Capital Bank can provide financing for your import purchases, giving you the immediate flexibility you need to order and receive goods and later sell and receive payment from your own customers. We also offer banker’s acceptances, which can be a useful tool in conjunction with a commercial import or export letter of credit for financing imports or exports on a short-term basis.

Import Trade Services

An Import Letter of Credit (Import LC) gives your foreign suppliers confidence in your payment for imported purchases. We can help draft and issue an import LC, reach out to vendors in multiple countries and examine all documents to ensure compliance with the LC terms. As an alternative, our import documentary collection service can be used to pay foreign suppliers for purchased goods.

Standby Letters of Credit

Our standby letters of credit allow you to take advantage of a business opportunity that might otherwise be unattainable while freeing up funds that would otherwise be tied up in deposits. Our Global Services group has deep expertise in structuring standby letters of credit and will work with you to ensure your company is protected while providing your business partners the assurances they need to make the deal.


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