No matter where you do business, we make it seamless with the exchange and transfer services you need to send or receive international payments in a foreign currency. In addition, our Global Services group can help you get more out of your global transactions with services like hedging, foreign drafts and collection of foreign checks. Our international payment solutions include:

  • Foreign Exchange (FX): Enjoy competitive foreign currency rates for making international payments or converting foreign receipts to dollars. Use our FX Online solution in BankNow™ to draft, authorize and submit FX payments.

  • Hedging: Mitigate risks while negotiating and paying in foreign currency with our suite of hedging solutions, including foreign currency swaps, forward contracts, forward window contracts, foreign currency options and non-deliverable forwards.

  • Drafts: Enjoy a full range of foreign currency draft solutions without the need for collection.

  • Collections: Expedite collections when receiving foreign currency payments by check with our International Cash Letter (ICL) solution and collection services.

  • Outgoing USD wires: Use our BankNow online portal  to initiate, approve and submit outgoing USD and USD international wires. 

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Jereme Gooch

Vice President | FX Payments - Austin/Houston/San Antonio, TX 512.305.4082 512.305.4082

Elizabeth Hewitt

Vice President | FX Payments - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 469.399.8480 469.399.8480

Steve Shipley

Senior Vice President | Hedging 214.932.6616 214.932.6616

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