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ALERT: Text Messaging Smishing Scams

Published on Apr 13, 2022

Texas Capital Bank has recently been notified of a rise in smishing scams (i.e., fraud attempts using SMS text messages) targeting clients of other financial institutions. There are no current reports of these type of smishing scams targeting Texas Capital Bank clients, but we’ve provided information below to ensure you are aware of what they might look like, and what to do if you suspect you have been targeted.

Here's an example of this type of smishing scam: A fraudster might send a text message to a client of a financial institution, requesting that they verify a transaction. Shortly after the client responds to the text message, the fraudster may impersonate a bank employee by calling the client using what appears to be a legitimate phone number. The fraudster might dispute the transaction, sending an additional text containing a code required to confirm the client’s identity. The fraudster may also request personal information such as date of birth, online user ID, or mother’s maiden name. They will then use this information to access the clients online banking accounts and conduct money transfers.

Please note the following:

  • If you see a “business” phone number in a text, there is no guarantee it is real. Phone numbers on caller IDs can be spoofed.
  • Always contact Texas Capital Bank using the contact information located on our website.
  • Never respond via text message or share your user ID, password, account information, or other personal information with an unsolicited caller.
  • Texas Capital Bank will NOT call you and request personal identifying information or security codes.
  • Texas Capital Bank will NOT request you to verify transactions through text messages.

If you received a text or call from someone purportedly from Texas Capital Bank asking for account or personal information, please disconnect the call. You can contact Texas Capital Bank Client Support directly at 877.839.2265, option 3, then option 2, or by visiting your local banking center. For more details, you can also visit our Privacy & Security Center.