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Commercial Insights

Realize the true value of your business.

Applying these practices to your business can help you close valuation gaps that may exist between how you value your company, and how a banker, buyer or investor analyzes and values your company. Ultimately, that higher valuation can mean lower cost credit, a better sale price or more favorable investment terms.

Crisis Planning: Protecting the Business You've Built.

From natural disasters to technological crises to workplace violence, this guide can help you evaluate the risks for your business, protect and prepare your business with proactive security measures, and develop and enhance your business’s response plans.

The Millennial Opportunity

The organizations that best understand and adapt to America’s largest living generation today will have the top talent, the best leaders and the most engaged customers tomorrow.

Risks and Rewards of Asset Based Lending

Asset based financing can be a more accessible source of financing than traditional loans, but it’s important to understand the risks and rewards of asset based loans before entering into such an arrangement.