Malware Protection

Fraud Protection

Cyber crooks, fraudsters, hackers - terms we have all become too familiar with in this digital age. Today's "fraudsters" are professional criminal gangs who continually develop and perfect online scams, phishing attacks and exploitative malware. They want to steal your money. They do it fast and move on to the next victim, stealing billions of dollars annually. Their goal is finding vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and ours.

Our goal is diligent online protection for our online banking customers and employees.

Texas Capital Bank strongly recommends that your customers follow these basic fraud prevention tips:

Fraud Prevention Tips

  • Install a firewall as the first line of defense against hackers
  • Set up perimeter security in the form of spam and malicious content filtering
  • Install antivirus and spyware software to automatically scan your PC(s) daily and make sure you run the most current versions
  • Inform and remind employees to not open suspicious emails or attachments (scary warnings, unknown senders or purported government agencies, to name a few)

Introducing Trusteer Rapport

As a supplement to your current fraud prevention, we'd like to provide you with another level of defense - at no cost to you.

Trusteer's Rapport security software is designed to complement your current antivirus software and firewall protection by offering the following features that give you the benefit of peace of mind.

  • Protects your username, password and other sensitive login information
  • Prevents malware and fraudulent web sites from stealing login information
  • Protects your Web browser sessions with any web site that contains private or personal information
    • Trusteer is the global leader in online banking cybercrime prevention. Their goal is to help us protect our business with customers like you against account takeover, credential theft, and fraudulent transactions. Trusteer Rapport does not require any configuration or maintenance. You simply install and browse safely.

      Remember, Texas Capital Bank is committed to supporting a secure Internet banking experience. Contact us immediately if you suspect any fraudulent activity to your account.