Bill Pay

Make payments with ease and control

You may pay anyone, any amount, to be sent on a business day and change your instructions right up to the payment date. You can even schedule your regular fixed payments, like your mortgage and car loan. For regular variable payments like phone and utilities, once your initial payee list is established you will only have to enter the amount and payment date, since the system remembers the addresses from your previously created payment list. You designate which checking accounts are to be debited. And when you give the word, we will debit your account and pay the payee. It's that simple. Bill Pay is only offered on our regular checking accounts.

Receive Payment History Anytime

At any time; you can retrieve a record of your payment history up to 12 months through our bill pay system quickly and confidentially. You will be able to access your records in a way that best suits your needs; by name of payee, amount of payment and date of payment. In addition, your monthly bank statement will provide you with a printed record of all your interactive bill payment activity.

Unique Features with Texas Capital Bank's Bill Pay Service:

  • Pay a Person
    • With Pay a Person, you can pay an individual electronically if they have a U.S. bank account and a valid e-mail address
  • Gift Checks
    • With Texas Capital Bank Gift Checks, you can send a gift check for those special birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, holidays or just because
  • Donate to a Charity
    • Our Bill Pay Service allows you to donate to numerous charities and/or organizations
  • Interbank Transfers
    • Within Bill Pay, you can transfer funds directly from your account at Texas Capital Bank to your own account at another Financial Institution.

Things to note about electronic bill payments

Some bills are paid electronically through the system while others are sent by check to the payee. When a payment is paid electronically or by check, the system will recommend you set up your payment at least five (5) business days before the due date for that bill. Accounts are debited on the payment date inputted into the system and not the bill's due date.


Bill Pay is free to all Texas Capital Bank clients; however, there is a fee for Gift Checks and charitable donations.