Fed Funds Program

Fed Funds Sold to Texas Capital Bank as principal on a TFN (until further notice) basis, are priced at a spread over the Fed Funds open rate each day to hold a competitive advantage over the Texas market average.

  • Principal automatically remains invested on a daily basis
  • Interest accrues daily and is deposited to your account weekly
  • Investment confirmation reports are provided at time of change and weekly interest payments
  • Fed Funds cutoff time for same-day investments is 4 p.m. Central Time
  • Minimum overnight investment amount is $100,000
  • Competitive term products for financial institutions also available and can be arranged according to your institution's needs

To get rates or learn more about Texas Capital Bank's Fed Funds program and how it can work for your bank, please contact:

Peter Stringer

Executive Vice President & Manager

Shirley York-Jones

Executive Vice President
Texas & Southwest Region

Jesse Jackson

Senior Vice President
Texas & Southeast Region

Jeffrey D. Wagner

Senior Vice President
Midwest & Northwest Region


Senior Vice President
Northeast Region

Darla Wisdom

Senior Vice President
Funds Management

“Our old bank didn't even know we'd left them. We were a number. I'm glad we switched to a bank that understands our business, and values it as well.”

Tracy Hayes, President | CWS Corporate Housing