Across the country, The Lone Star State has a reputation as a state where business thrives. But Texas business owners and entrepreneurs don’t just think about making money. They are determined to make society stronger so the economic benefits last longer, because they realize that when business is good, everybody wins. This “can-do” spirit of innovation, vision for generations to come, and trust in each other to build something great is Texas Capitalism, and it’s an idea as big as the state it was born in.

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Texas Capitalism® Rally Cry

It’s what happens when determination puts on its boots.
It turns potential into resolve,
“What if?” into “Let’s do this.”

This is Texas Capitalism®.

If there’s a greater force for growth,
for fueling jobs, and delivering on American dreams from coast to
coast, we haven’t seen it.

It’s all the relentless power of the free market
let loose on the open range.
It’s capital bolstered by expertise
and obstacles turned into opportunity.

It’s taking another look at complicated deals,
and honoring our commitments.
Shaking hands without fear.

Texas Capitalism® doesn’t happen by accident.
It’s hiring top talent,
developing the best partnerships
and building something great together. 

It’s independent bankers
aligned with independent businesses,
to take the competition by storm.

It’s turning business success
into lasting personal success.
It’s wealth with vision for
generations to come.

And it’s more than growth.
It’s communities revived.
Charities funded and good deeds rewarded.

This is Texas Capitalism®.
And it’s an idea as big as the state it was born in.

This is Texas Capital Bank. What can we do for the business that you built?


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Kate Reagan

Associate Vice President | Dallas, TX 469-399-8577 469-399-8577

"I wouldn't bank with anyone else. The team knows me and is always there when I need them."

PYARALI UMATIYA, President, Star Precision Fabricating

"All they said was, 'How can we make this work?' They believed in me and the bakery."

ROSHI MUNS, Owner, Society Bakery

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