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Receivable Management

Accelerate your accounts receivables and your access to working capital while increasing your company's productivity. Texas Capital Bank's Receivable Solutions focus on bringing the bank to you so you do not have to spend time away from your business, saving you time and money.

Remote Deposit Capture

Using a check scanning device, our clients have the ability to scan checks to the bank for deposit. The Remote Deposit Capture solution provides a safe, secure transmission of data and offers a variety of user levels, approval limits and management review.

Image Cash Letter (ICL)

For clients scanning and generating ICL file through an in-house or third party check scanning software, Texas Capital Bank offers the ability to accept and efficiently process your images checks. Featuring the ability to accept any standardized image file, secure file transmissions, and automated system transfers, your company-owned imaging system can seamlessly integrate to your operating account and BankNow® online access.


Using this collection system, Texas Capital Bank processes and deposits your mail receipts. Our wholesale platform includes online and real-time images you can access through your PC to retrieve images of the check, invoice, envelope and other information sent with the payment. Our retail lockbox includes coupon scanning, OCR & MICR line reading, as well as the keying of additional lines of data that can be included in the daily transmission to the A/R system.

Cash Vault

The Cash Vault is a secure area for processing large volumes of cash deposits. It can be used to sell coins, currency and replenish ATM cash. We also offer secure storage and capture of local cash deposits for courier pickup. Cash Vault can dramatically simplify your cash flow, because it lets you streamline your operations to a single armored carrier, a single vault processor and a single bank.

Courier Service

Transporting cash or checks to the bank for deposit can be difficult to schedule and expensive if paying staff to transport the deposits, which bears a security risk. We will tailor a transport arrangement for these services so deposits are retrieved from your locations and transported to the bank. You can select daily, less-than-daily or "hot shot" on-demand pickup.

Merchant Card Services

Texas Capital Bank offers merchant credit and debit card processing through its association with a leading merchant provider. We work with the provider and our clients to tailor the service delivery.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

This payment system provides an electronic parallel to the Federal Reserve check clearing system. ACH transfers can contain more information than a check and are more cost-efficient as well. Transactions — including payroll credits, tax payments and cash concentration — can be originated through Texas Capital Bank’s BankNow® Treasury System.

“Texas Capital Bank is always there when we need them. They provide the guidance and insight we need for informed decision making.”

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