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Payable Management

Keep your funds working on your behalf as long as possible, while still controlling administrative costs. Texas Capital Bank's Payable Solutions offers an array of innovative payment to manage cash outflows effectively, while achieving your financial goals.

CDA-Plu$ (Controlled Disbursement)

Our clients can issue checks against a controlled disbursement site. As checks are presented for payment, a client has the ability to manage the liquidity of either overnight investment of funds or debt to replenish operating funds. Our clients get same-day notification, by mid-morning, of the total dollar amount of checks that will clear against your controlled disbursement account that day. You can make a decision to pay or not pay individual items based in several criteria.

Business Bill Pay

Our small business customers can set up merchants and vendors for automated electronic payments for recurring monthly bills and one-time payments through the Automated Clearing House without the requirement of sending ACH files. The payments will be made on behalf of the customer either through check or electronic payment depending on the ability of the recipient to receive ACH transactions. Take a test-drive of our Business Bill Pay Demo.

Funds Transfer Services

The Funds Transfer system through BankNow® allows you to initiate, approve and submit outgoing wire transfers in realtime through the Federal Reserve Bank. Immediate confirmation of wires sent and received are available by fax, email or online. Multiple levels of security are available for repetitive and non-repetitive wires.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

This payment system provides an electronic parallel to the Federal Reserve check clearing system. ACH transfers can contain more information than a check and are more cost-efficient as well. Transactions — including payroll credits, tax payments and cash concentration — can be originated through Texas Capital Bank’s BankNow® Treasury System.

Positive Pay

We put you in charge of your payables and give you complete power over which checks are paid and which are held for review. If your company issues numerous checks or if you have experienced check fraud, Positive Pay can significantly reduce your exposure to check fraud. Checks that are altered, counterfeit or duplicated are identified and intercepted by Positive Pay before these checks can clear the bank.

Account Reconciliation

Partial reconciliation provides a list of paid items so you can automatically update your own accounts payable system. Account Reconciliation would also allow for physical check item serial and numerical sort services. In addition, our Deposit Reconciliation service can track deposits made at multiple locations; each location is assigned a location number that is pre-printed in the MICR line of the deposit slip, allowing the customer to deposit into one account and still have an accounting of deposit amounts by location.

Check Imaging

Check Imaging digitally captures the front and back image of paid checks and stores them on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is sent to you in place of canceled checks. You may access your check images through our Image Depot or online through BankNow® Treasury Services.

Account Payable Lockbox

Our clients can lower their payable processing costs with Automated AP Lockbox. Supplier invoices are received via mail, e-mail, or FAX at a central location. The invoice images and data are captured and presented online for approval(s) based on the individual client's workflow design. The client can then review the invoice, assign GL coding and schedule the payment. Payments are sent on the client's behalf by check or ACH. Invoice and payment information are retained online and easily accessible for research on demand. In addition, invoice, payment and vendor information can be integrated with your accounting system further eliminating data entry and streamlining payables processing.

“Our banker at Texas Capital Bank consistently goes the extra mile to meet our needs. No one else has treated us as well.”

Jerry Conway, Owner | Austin Sonics