Liquidity Management

Texas Capital Bank's Investment Services

Our approach to corporate liquidity focuses on maximizing the value of cash throughout the cycle of receipts and payments. Ultimately, our clients are able to optimize their operating cash, short and intermediate reserve cash, as well as longer term strategic investment cash.

We know that your business is unique and your time is important. By understanding your requirements regarding liquidity, yield and volatility, Texas Capital Bank will work with you to develop a customized solution to address your specific needs. Our goal is to provide the right combination of information, liquidity and technology tools to optimize your treasury, liquidity and cash management objectives.

Our breadth of services and flexibility allow our team of experts to build innovative solutions suited to your current and evolving business requirements. For more information call Greg Lewis at 214.932.6865.

Products and Services:

Business Checking

The Texas Capital Bank Business Analyzed Checking account is designed especially for businesses with high transaction volume and/or for those that require the use of Treasury Management Services.

Overnight Investment Sweep

Earn income on idle cash in the operating accounts you maintain with Texas Capital Bank. With our overnight investment sweep service, your excess funds are transferred each night into a bank deposit investment account until the next business day, when funds and interest are returned to your account and made available for your use. Automating the daily investment of your excess operations funds maximizes your investment potential while maintaining daily liquidity needs.

Money Market Deposit Accounts

The Money Market Account (MMA) is an investment option for clients interested in optimizing return on stable and short-term balances. Money Market Account Balances earn a competitive rate of interest, which compounds daily and is credited the last business day of the month. The MMA product provides greater liquidity than fixed income products and may produce better returns than money market mutual funds.

Alternative Direct Investments

Whether you need a higher return or a lower risk investment, Texas Capital Bank offers a variety of competitive direct investment alternatives including TFN (Till Further Notice) Liquid Deposit, Overnight Liquid Deposit, Jumbo Certificate of Deposit and Repurchase Agreement.

Segregated Investment Accounting (SIA)

SIA allows clients to pull their cash into one account and segregate their separate investment balances into any number of "sub-accounts" that are linked to the main account. Each sub-account balance can be efficiently invested, accounted for and reported by a variety of categories (for example, tax ID number, subsidiary or division of a company).

“When we were just getting started, Texas Capital Bank helped us grow. To this day, it's more than a banking relationship; it's a solid partnership.”

Patricia Adams, Head of School | Trinity Episcopal School