The Premier Property Management Bank

Texas Capital Bank is dedicated to the property management industry. As a commercial or multifamily property manager, a self-storage lessor or a real estate listing service, you deserve a banker who understands your needs for both financing and treasury management solutions. Our seasoned property management experts are committed to clients seeking a banking relationship based on industry knowledge, personal relationships and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We understand the needs of real estate property management firms. We know what matters to make your business run smoothly day to day. We provide easy account setup, transition services, pertinent information and money movement tools as well as ongoing advisory services to support your business.

The variety of property management industries we work with include:
  • Office and Retail
  • Residential and Multifamily
  • Mini-Warehouse and Storage Facilities
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Commercial Associations
  • Real Estate Escrow Agencies
  • Real Estate Listing Agencies
  • 1031 Exchange


Our property management professionals endeavor to make your account setup efficient and seamless. We provide simplified agreements, such as a Master Agreement, reducing the amount of paperwork and signatures required. A single, identified client manager will guide you from beginning to completion of the process.

We are focused on helping you meet your short and long term business objectives by offering solutions around:
  • Funding / borrowing needs
  • Managing cash flow
  • Speeding up the collections of payments
  • Efficiently managing payments to vendors and employees

Trust us to think proactively and provide you with creative and flexible solutions to your most intricate business challenges.


Financing Solutions
Treasury and Liquidity Solutions
Wealth Management & Trust Services

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